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Marlene Tschida* Bryan, an attorney and mediator, helps people resolve family law and civil litigation cases in Newport News and throughout southeast Virginia.   With over 90 hours of specialized training in general and family law mediation, and having mediated personal injury lawsuits, consumer and business disputes, and family law cases involving separation and divorce, custody and child support, she helps people to negotiate and craft satisfying solutions to conflicts.  
*Pronounced "cheetah"
As an experienced trial lawyer, she recognizes and appreciates litigation as a method of resolving disputes.  That same experience has led her to an appreciation of alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, for resolving conflict.  She is a professional mediator with unique capabilities, who will ...

  Assist attorneys and their clients to communicate with and understand each other
Assist parties in recognizing and evaluating their needs and interests and the needs and interests of the other side
Assist parties in developing solutions that meet the needs of all parties and, where desired, make a continuing relationship possible

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